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WCEA appreciates that Wicomico County Public Schools are reviewing county testing to reduce it below 2%. BUT, the idea that taking a few questions off a couple tests is the appropriate action to meet the 2% standard is just ridiculous.
While reduction to 2% is a starting point, WCEA believes changes need to be made that reflect QUALITY over QUANTY!
WCEA’s Time To Learn Wicomico Campaign will continue to address the following issues over the next two years:
1. Wicomico County Public Schools tests double the National Average.
2. Wicomico County Public Schools have not included the number of practice tests or practice sessions involved with each test, and therefore is NOT transparent in its reporting.
3. 65% of county educators rated the quality of county tests as LOW or VERY LOW, with 22% rating the quality as moderate. (87%)
4. 67% of county educators stated county tests DO NOT inform their instruction.
5. There is no evidence that testing improves student learning.
6. There is increasing evidence that over-testing decreases student learning and negatively affects test scores.
7. 70% of county educators feel testing uses resources that would otherwise be used for student learning.
8. Testing should NOT be part of a Teacher or Principal evaluation.
9. 98% of Kindergarten educators stated county testing (BAS) is far too time consuming and hurts student instruction.
These are the truly important issues that need to be addressed and will be addressed through Time To Learn Wicomico.
With that said, WCEA looks forward to working with Wicomico County Public Schools in assessing our students as little as possible and increasing the quality, usefulness and value of tests given. We also will work toward the goal of transparent reporting to parents of all tests and accurate times, including practice assessments and technology runs their students are exposed to.
For more testing tidbits, facts and to sign our online petition, please log on to today!

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